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Do You Need A Beauty Product Detox?

So how do you know if a detox is needed?

For some, the signs are obvious. But some symptoms are often way more subtle. “Even if your skin seems fine, you may be taxing your system and not even realizing it. Your hair might be slightly dry. Your nails might be yellowed, but you can’t see it because they’re always covered in polish.” We can get stuck in a rut with our routines, just doing what we are used to and not stopping to really think about what we are actually putting on our body, inturn into our system. It's never too late to make a conscious switch.There’s never a bad time to press pause on using certain personal care products, but the present is a great time for a reset!

“A weekend is plenty of time to give your skin and hair time to reset themselves,” Grigore says. If the thought of putting nothing on your face for a weekend sounds like the plot of a horror movie, this expert recommends starting with a hair detox (that means no shampoo, conditioner, or styling products). Then, you can work your way up to ditching your makeup for a few days or editing your skin-care routine to a simple cleanser and moisturizer. “You can make your detox as hardcore as you want,” Grigore says. “The best scenario is that you’re only using water for a couple of days. For skin, if you can only use castile soap on your body that’s a really easy way to get started.”

For nails.
“We always have nail polish on,” she says. “But you’re covering a part of your body with something that doesn’t allow any nutrients to get in whatsoever. Plus, a polish detox is also great for your cuticles, which may be hurting or feel dry from getting beaten up at the nail salon.” Instead of your usual mani, she recommends soaking your cuticles in olive oil and lemon juice.


A beauty product detox: How does it help when ttc?

When it comes to your skin, hair, and nails, don’t underestimate the power taking away products that have added toxic chemicals and ingredients.

“If you’ve spent ample time not using a product, you’ll be able to see what that product actually does to your skin or hair once you go back to it.”

So, when you return to choosing a new body care regime just start with products that are all natural and have dual purpose.This helps you keep things simple and minimal, which is so important when TTC. Ask yourself if it is helping heal you? Does it add to my wellnes in a positive way? You just might find that you only need half of the products you thought you couldn’t live without. Getting #fertilityfriendly doesn't have to be stressful. It can be luxurious, healing, gentle and soothing to your body + soul.

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