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TTC? It's time to up your skin care game!

Of the many physical changes that happen during TTC, skin isn’t really something that people tend too talk much about. But it should be! A woman’s skin can shift pretty drastically during the many phases of TTC, especially while taking medication and going through fertility treatments. 
Just as you reinvent a healthier pre-conception diet and supplements, there’s also something to be said for revising your body care routine. Why? Well, not only can this help ward off pregnancy related skin issue later on,  it can also help ensure that you and baby are not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals that might be lurking in your medicine cabinet. (You can never be too careful, right?) There’s no one-size-fits-all skin care regimen. One person may have a completely different experience than another based on their genetics and other environmental factors. So knowing what type of skin you have and how sensitive you are to certain things will help best determine what will help sooth and heal. 

Hormones from birth control and fertility treatments sometimes result in increased oiliness. not to mention dry skin, itchy skin, psoriasis and other irritating issues. Hormone fluctuation will definitely change the dryness and look of your skin. Good news is, we GOT YOU covered! 
First things first: Clean up your medicine cabinet! Your skin absorbs everything you put on your body. The main ingredients to avoid are salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone, and parabens. Fertility treatment can also leave you feeling tired. and your mood all over the map. Indulging in something pampering and luxurious is so important! The products you normally use, you may want to shelve and switch for ones that target and sooth hormones. Natural ingredients and essential oils can help with moods and calm nerves tremendously. It’s important to eliminate ingredients that are potentially sensitizing and products that have too many ingredients, which can over complicate your skin’s natural processes. At the end of the day if you wouldn't use it on your future baby, don't use it on yourself now. 



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