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So what's the BIG difference?

Struggling to conceive is stressful and finding the most effective way to deal with this stress is life changing and hugely fertility enhancing.

So picture this: It’s been a long week at work, made even longer by yet another disappointing pregnancy test. You turn the lights down low in your bathroom, put on your favorite relaxation music mix, and start an aromatherapy steam shower. In hand you have a bottle of renew body wash. You put a few drops on your palm and inhale, allowing the aromatherapy to engulf you and instantly relax you. Inhaling the steam, stimulating all your your senses. You close your eyes – allowing the stress of your week to wash away. You grab your sea sponge and add another few drops onto it enjoying the luxurious lather. Letting the oil soothe and soften your skin. Just a few drops is all you need! You have peace of mind knowing everything you are inhaling, and putting onto your body and into your system is natural, and balancing to your system.

Sounds perfect, right? Heavenly in and of itself.

But what if I told you those oils you used, could also be helping to improve your chances of conception by the time your next cycle rolls around? Our renew body wash is made up of three very fertility enhancing oils! Hand picked and specially formulated to help balance hormones and help heal and soothe symptoms.

Geranium: This oil is fantastic for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle. It also has the soothing effect of calming emotions and helping you to distress. For women with endometriosis, Geranium may be especially beneficial.

Clary Sage: Influencing your estrogen levels, Clary Sage helps your body to regulate its hormones naturally. It also has the added effect of being a libido booster, which can be important when failed conception efforts have started to affect enjoyment in the bedroom. This oil may also help with male infertility, treating hormone imbalances and impotence.

Sweet Fennel: A great herb for getting your hormonal system back on track, sweet fennel is best used during the first part of your cycle to regulate menstruation and improve hormonal functioning.

Added to the all natural soap base and oils are also five organic aromatherapy scents to chose from! Learn more here!

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